Check what Alfred is cookin’


Add versions of your APIs so you can manage new changes easier

Better auth model

Alfred currently uses Azure AD B2C which has some limitations which are reflected in slower page loading and check whether the user is logged in or not. Also, we think that passwords are unnecessary and we aim for passwordless login.

GDPR support

Delete your projects and all the traces connected with it.

Code generation of payload contracts

This will save a lot of time. Initially, we want to easily generate all the interfaces for request and response objects you define for your APIs in Typescript. The result will be either an npm package (which you include in your projects) or just a folder with all the interfaces.

Connect code generation with a private artefact factory

Publish the generated code to your own git repository or own npm registry.

Supercharge the code generation

Another big time saver. The generated code will also contain abstraction around the server call.

Plugin your own code generation

We will give you all the definitions and you can customise and automate the generated code.

Improvements for Endpoint details

Adding examples of responses or requests. Create mock API for frontend development with example responses.

Project tracking

This feature is tailer more to project managers. Alfred will show all endpoints and the progress (what has been done, integrated and tested).

Support org accounts

Better sharing model where you don’t have to invite people per email but rather give access to the whole org (or subset). There should be org-wide projects.

On-premise deployment

Deploy your own version of Alfred.

Offline support

Are you without internet? Never mind, Alfred will save changes locally and sync them later.

Metadata API

Alfred will expose the structure for the project as an API so you can interact with everything programatically.

If you have more questions don’t hesitate to contact us through